Meditation and Manifestation MP3s by Free Spirit

Experience peace, tranquility and healing in these guided meditations


Powerful meditations for inner spiritual transformation, manifestation and creating an amazing life – including:-

Manifesting Love, Empowerment, Self Inquiry Meditation, Source Grounding Meditations, Galactic Sun Guided Meditation, Karmic Clearing, Inner Child Healing, Letting Go Meditation and the meditations for recognizing the Immortal I AM Presence. 

The Ascension Meditations are designed to facilitate an awakening to your Source (Spiritual) Nature and Higher Astral Awareness (Higher Dimensional Reality). The emotional healing meditations will allow you to open your heart to love, positive emotion, healing and a deeper peace within.

The Law of Attraction Titles include Abundance, Money Manifesting, Universal Manifestation and Confidence Building for manifesting success and enhancing your Power Base.

Plus – there are also new meditations for Now Moment Re-Alignment, Self Forgiveness, Cord Cutting (releasing situations and connections that no longer serve) and Universal Manifestation.

These 20 Titles are a comprehensive set of meditations to enable you to empower your life, deepen your connection to Source and to enhance your ability to manifest the life that you want.

Cost GBP 100 / US $150

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