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Loving your Inner Child MP3 31mins

Affirm, accept and embrace your Inner Child and joyfully bring it into the Present so as to experience more joy, success, confidence and self-empowerment.

Healing the Inner Child

Healing the Inner Child

The wounded Inner Child often limits our growth, dampens our vibration and recreates situations in the present that cause recurring patterns of emotional difficulty.

This MP3 will guide you to make the contact with the child within, communicate with him or her – and begin the work of inner healing, self love and emotional integration into the present.

At the same time, this meditation will speak to you about the importance of joyful play – both internally (with the Inner Child) and externally (as an adult in the Present).

Download Inner Child Meditation GBP 10

Embodying the Immortal I AM Presence Meditation MP3 – 45mins

Heal the fear of death with this meditation on impermanence and the transience of the human condition. Learn to practice gratitude in the NOW for all that one receives in this life. Work on ‘tying up loose ends’ whilst alive in a body – so there are no regrets when death comes to call.

A very POWERFUL and STRONG meditation to bring up fears for healing.

A reflection on the impermanence of human life, the importance of gratitude and clearing, a reflection on the body and creating a pathway to experiencing the deathless realities beyond this world.

Channelling in strength, light, power and courage so as to transform our fear of death into an innate knowing of the inherent Immortal Being in the core of our experience.

Download I AM Presence Meditation GBP 10

Cosmic Awareness Meditation

A guided meditation to connect the listener to the powerful healing and energizing vibrations of the Universal I AM Presence. Enhance your ability to hold light energy, charge your aura and open yourself to receiving deep revelations from Source in this powerful meditation.

Cosmic Awareness Meditation

Cosmic Awareness Meditation GBP10

This meditation is suited for those who want to be able to retain their spiritual energy, concentrate their life-force and receive guidance from their Higher Self.

Download Cosmic Awareness Meditation

Galactic Sun Ascension Meditation

Connect to the Galactic Source, the Blue Beings and the vibrations of the Stars in this 38minute meditation. The Central Sun is what is responsible for sending high energies of Ascension to Earth via the solar flares. Align yourself to receive this energy that will awaken your Body of Light.

Be guided to leave the Earth and connect safely with Immortal Star Beings to receive love, healing and Ascension codes – and return revitalized and in a new vibration of expansion.

Galactic Sun Meditation

Galactic Sun Meditation

The Blue Beings are highly advanced Ascended Immortals living close to the Galactic Sun and this meditation assists in the expansion of our Being to receive their love and wisdom.

Download Galactic Sun Meditation GBP 10

Karmic Healing and Self Forgiveness Meditation

Embrace Original Innocence and Self-Redemption in this meditation, and work to clear shame, guilt and other unnecessary burdensome emotions.

Explore your karmic blockages and any buried resistances to Love in this meditation. The listener is guided to work with the contractions and expand into a vibration of Source Awareness – the healing for all karmas.

By allowing yourself to be Loved by Source, you recognize your own Divine Nature – in that recognition there is the fertile ground for a deepening of self love, self acceptance and self forgiveness.

By embracing this healing, we then come to an acceptance and love of others. We also find expansion, liberation, clarity and peace.

35 minute guided meditation (accompanied by the background sounds of a natural stream)

Download Karmic Healing Meditation GBP 10

Abundance Meditation MP3

Abundance Meditation

Download Abundance Meditation GBP 10

A meditation for aligning yourself to receiving abundance from the Universe.

Download Abundance Meditation GBP 10

Meditation and Manifestation Audio Full MP3 Bundle – Please allow 24/48 hours for delivery of links by email

The Full Audio Bundle - Order Here

The Full Audio Bundle – Order Here

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Manifesting Abundance Meditations/Affirmations,
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Healing Fear,
The Self Inquiry Meditation plus the Awareness of Awareness Meditation,
The Source Grounding Meditation,
Self Forgiveness Meditations
The Galactic Sun Guided Meditation,
Karmic Clearing and Inner Child Healing Meditations
The meditation for recognizing the I AM Presence.
and more…

Meditations for expansion, creation, upliftment, meditation and abundance.

Meditations for expansion, creation, upliftment, meditation and abundance.

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CD’s available here

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34 MP3 Podcasts of the Level 2 Discourses

There are now MP3 Versions of the Level 2 Spiritual Mastery Training Discourses (GBP 500)

Please note this option gives you the MP3 Audios (sound only) with no video aspect.
Those wanting the video versions (GBP 2,500) please visit

Podcast Descriptions

Discourse 1 – Concentration and Consecration.

Understanding the process of concentrating our Life Force (meditating in some form) in order to come back to Truth and honour our Higher Selves (Consecration). Introducing the concept of spiritual treasures and the importance of retaining them.

Discourse 2 – Integrating Spiritual Reality into the Body (45mins)

A long yet deep discourse on the existential issue of what we are doing here in a body and how to build a strong life in the illusion to be able to grasp spiritual reality and the Absolute. The two ways of perceiving spiritual reality – firstly through the distorted view of the ego and secondly through a direct seeing free from ego concepts. How to work with the existential crisis that arises when life appears to have no purpose.

Discourse 3 Self Love and Integrating Spiritual Understanding in the Heart

What is Love really? Why is self love so important?
The importance of bringing the energy out of our minds and into our hearts so as to come into a deeper understanding of who we are. The importance of self-appreciation, nurturance, self-integrity and childhood trauma healing.

Discourse 4 – Free Will, Non-Intervention and the Fukashima Problem

Understanding the Higher Dimensional Laws of Free Will and Non-Intervention as well as the ultimate illusory nature of the human experience. Seeing all phenomena as dream phenomena created by dreamers with the free will to create whatever they wish. How to deal with the issue of sharing a biosphere with other beings choosing to walk the path of collapse and death. Becoming a Sovereign Being by embodying Higher Dimensional Laws to develop karmic immunity to any potential suffering.

Discourse 5 – Freedom to Live

A 20 minute exploration of the Heroes Journey Diagram.. Understanding the passages in terms of a search for Spiritual Truth. The rewards of spiritual integration – freedom from karma and freedom to be.

Discourse 6 – Integrating Higher Dimensional Frequencies into the Body

Free Spirit speaks about some of his insights from the medicine experience with regard to transmuting the body and narrowing the vibratory rift between the Upper Astral and the 3D experience. Opening up the body to the vibration of the angelic frequencies and the importance of ‘guarding the gates of the senses’ to avoid life force depletion.

Discourse 7 – Spiritual Reflection and Intimacy with One’s True Nature.

Understanding the importance of Spiritual Reflection and how to create a space for that in ones life. Understanding how NDE Life Reviews are caused by deferring the spiritual work – and how we can undergo those reviews in this life now with full Awareness.

Discourse 8 – Giving Karma Back – Understanding Karmic Disentanglement

In this Discourse I speak about karmic disentanglement, how to process karma that is not one’s own, the distinction between non-intervention and intervention in external karmic affairs and how to give karma back to where it came.

Discourse 9 – Reflections on Death vs Ascension – Dying before we Die

Dying before we die. The process of having many conscious mini-deaths over having one big unconscious drawn out death. The contrast between conventional death and going into heaven alive. Stripping away the illusion of who we are to enhance our lives and escape the bind of reincarnation.

Discourse 10 – Seven Stages of Ascension

Seven Stages of Ascension. Understanding seven stages of Ascension as introduced to myself from a Chi Gung master. The importance of stage 4 – Holding energy – and how to move from Stage 4 to the higher stages 5 and 6. Stage 7 represents completion.

Discourse 11 – Loving yourself back to Source

Self-love and seeing how we can confuse the 3D interface (ego) for the reality of self. Understanding love of true self and love of false self. The near enemy of self love (ego-worship). How love of your true self (the foundation for everything) can enable you to have a totally amazing life beyond imagining as well as open you up deeply to Universal Truth. Why we forget to love ourselves.

Discourse 12 – Becoming a Sovereign Being

What is a Sovereign Being and how does that relate to karma.
How being Sovereign enhances manifestation. How ultimately we have full jurisdiction over our life, our Being and our reality.

Discourse 13 – Spiritual Power.

Understanding the importance of being able to embody Spiritual Power so as to be able to come into a deeper understanding of Spiritual Reality. Healing one’s views and beliefs about Power so as to be able to enhance one’s life and to be able to take charge of one’s reality.

Discourse 14 – Understanding the True Reality of Forms

In this Discourse I speak about the appearance of matter, dissecting the apparent phenomena of matter into its constituent sensations – leaving nothing remaining but a set of ideas. I then take it further to examine the reality of our life itself – and what lies beyond the ‘idea of one’s life’.

Discourse 15 – The Illusion of Space

Why does the mind create space.? Does space really exist?
Does time exist separate from the mind?
Understanding how we see ourselves ‘here’ – in ‘this time’ – in an apparently mortal reality sphere. Why mortality too is an illusion and is caused by the minds attachment to time. Liberate the mind and the body follows suit.

Discourse 16 – Dream Integration

Exploring Figures 4a and 4b from Keys to Immortality.
Understanding why we do not always remember dreams.
How to become more integrated with the dreamworld.

Discourse 17 – Beyond the Storms of Karma

Perspectives on Karmic Cleansing. Karma as the baggage of old ideas and thought patterns. The importance of remaining outside of karma as much as possible.

Discourse 18 – Having the Energy to See.

Understanding the importance of retaining sufficient energy to see. Understanding the stages of fear, clarity and power – and the importance of utilizing power before the onset of decay and death.

Discourse 19 – Higher Dimensional Prana Particles

Building up one’s Light Body with Prana. Understanding how the finer multidimensional particles of cosmic prana can enhance life greatly.
How to not lose the particles, releasing judgment and interference in the 3D world as well as understanding the processes of brahmachariya (sexual transmutation)

Discourse 20

Talking about the Central Alignment, Sagittarius, the Solstice and the importance of deep introspection before beginning another year.

Discourse 21 – Compounding Positive Choices.

Enhancing your Energy with more + Vibrations. How to retain + vibrations and not lose + vibrations for – vibrations. How regular positive choices will enhance energy. The difference between creative and reactive responses to the Universe. The Power of Self Awareness.

Discourse 22 – Exploring Judgment Issues.

How non-judgment can release us from karma. Understanding how non judgment can allow us to experience 5D reality in the 3D world without getting entangled in denser vibrations.

Discourse 23 Understanding the Assemblage Point

The Sphere of Awareness and movement of the assemblage point through the practice of extreme dreaming.

Discourse 24 – The Importance of living a Strong Life.

Reflections on impeccability, ethics, grounding in love, positive emotions and energetic sustenance. Why seeing Ultimate Reality AND integrating it requires the embodiment of a strong life and a fearless character.

Discourse 25 – Aura Expansion

In this Discourse I speak about expanding ones energy field as well as balancing the relationship between spirit and materialism (shared with the Abundance Group). How integrating the material/spirit duality heals what would otherwise be a huge split in ones energy field.

Discourse 26 Integration with Source

The rewards of a strong life. Being in the understanding of what is.
Understanding how Ultimate Reality is non-conceptual and not graspable by the mind.
Living in the 3D world with the understanding of what one has seen.

Discourse 27 Integrating Extreme Energies

How to handle big hits of cosmic/universal/monetary energy.
Grounding energy in at the base so as to come into a deeper understanding of ones power. Clearing the lower chakra of power/emotion issues.

Discourse 28 – How to enter the Solar Portal and visit higher dimensional realities.

Using solar wormholes to access other worlds in the Universe.
Understanding how entrapment to time prevents an awareness of our true higher dimensional nature. Burning away the illusion of time to bring us into an awareness of our Source Nature.

Discourse 29 The Mind, Reality and Source

Why we are really already where we want to be. Understanding the trick of the mind and the illusion of the mind as an idea that generates more ideas ad infinitum.

Discourse 30 Creating conditions for Spiritual Practice.

Becoming financially independent through freeing up the life force.
How to create a life where you are provided for sufficiently for you to do your spiritual work.

Discourse 31 – Learning how to Create – Using the Power of Source

Understanding creation and action as a ‘movement aspect’ of Source requiring focus – and the act of aligning to Source itself as an allowing act. Understanding the difference between surrender to Source (and doing nothing) and expressing Source (through doing). Both are required in order to be on the leading edge of creation.

Discourse 32 – How Reality is Created

Understanding how reality is created from inside and how everything must be thought up and conjured in ones mind before it appears externally. The importance of examining ones thought patterns and slowing them down enough to be able to develop a deeper awareness of the root causes of self defeating thought patterns.

Discourse 33 – Mastery of Self Awareness

In this discourse, I speak about the importance of expanding our awareness so as to know more of ourselves and how our mind can sometimes ‘hijack the show’. Why spiritual reality is elusive and what happens when you allow yourself to experience it as it is.

Discourse 34 – Sustenance from Above

Star Being Contact – Sustenance from Above. Understanding the differences between 3D and 5D sustenance in terms of energetics, aura and where ones cord is on the energy body. How to maintain and nurture contact with Star Beings.

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