Pineal Gland Detoxification

The Pineal Gland is the seat of spiritual consciousness and is a gateway to other dimensions and levels of reality. It is an antenna for multi-dimensional spiritual communication from a wide range of intelligent Beings existing throughout the Universe.

Pineal Gland detoxification facilitates the awakening of dormant multi-dimensional consciousness in humans. It is a vital step on the road to healing if we wish to perceive the other dimensions that surround us and travel there with the astral body. Various toxins widespread within humanity prevent our spiritual third eye from functioning effectively.

The Pineal Gland is the seat of spiritual consciousness in humankind. In recent times it has become dormant because of toxic chemicals and substances in our everyday lives.

Calcification of the Pineal Gland occurs through the effects of various toxins; notably fluoride, chlorine and mercury. Fluoride is a highly toxic industrial waste product, which in its undiluted form can burn holes in concrete. It is added to tap water under the guise of preventing tooth decay and this lie is understood when one looks at the effects of volcanic ash (containing high levels of fluoride) on animals. Skeletal degradation and dental erosion is commonplace. Fluoride is also a neurological toxin and its intake can cause confusion, mental fogginess and deterioration of the neural pathways. It renders one submissive, as one loses one’s clarity and mental acuity to the power of fluoride toxicity. In that state of confusion, it is then very easy for other people or institutions with dubious agendas to control the individual, as they will not have the will-power to resist or even the clarity to realize they are being controlled. Fluoride also hides in toothpastes and dental flosses. It is important to realize that a healthy diet free from refined sugars and high in alkalizing foods creates the optimum conditions for dental health – rendering fluoridation totally unnecessary. Fluoride is challenging to remove from tap water and this toxin can also enter the skin through shower water. Hence for those serious about spiritual awakening it is crucial to avoid drinking tap water and ingesting fluoride through the use of conventional dental products.

For more detailed instructions on how to detox the Pineal Gland and open the multi-dimensional gateway to the Universe there is a 24page mini E-Book suitable for beginners to Pineal Detoxification.

Contains the information needed to begin cleansing and answers the basic questions that many will have.

What are the main toxins to avoid? What simple remedies are there?
Which foods are bad for the Pineal Gland?
Where are the poisons that ruin our health and wellbeing?
What steps can be taken to avoid exposure to Pineal Gland Toxins?
How can I deal with Fukushima radiation?
How can I get my Pineal Gland ready for astral travel and perceiving other realities?

Detoxify your body of carcinogenic, environmental and neurological toxins incompatible with spiritual and physical health.

Detoxify your body of carcinogenic, environmental and neurological toxins incompatible with spiritual and physical health.

Order the Pineal Detoxing E-book for GBP20 detailing how make detoxifying and cleansing green juice, smoothies and raw chocolates from superfoods such as wheatgrass, chlorella and raw cacao.

Valuable information for cleansing your Pineal Gland of harmful toxins and improving your spiritual health.
Simple to follow protocols for cleansing the Pineal Gland.
Contents – A checklist of Pineal Toxins to work through, Mercury Detoxification Protocols (for amalgam filling removal), Liver Cleansing and Bowel Cleansing Information as well as Free Spirit’s simple – yet effective – detoxing recipes.

Includes simple instructions for doing an easy, simple and very cheap colonic cleanse that will enhance awareness and remove old toxins from the bowel wall that impede Pineal Awareness.
Save hundreds of pounds/dollars on colonic hydrotherapy sessions..

Order with Paypal GBP20 Please allow 24/48 hours for delivery

Further Reading on the Pineal Gland – E-Books by Free Spirit

E-Book Trilogy available. Includes all 3 E-Books, plus the Pineal Detoxing E-Book above and 3 meditations:-

E-Book Trilogy available here. Includes 3 Meditation MP3's.

E-Book Trilogy available here. Includes 3 Meditation MP3′s.

Author Signed Book Package

Three Books of Messages from Star Beings

Three Books of Messages from Star Beings

3 Books – Keys to Immortality, Love on the Shores of a Distant World and Meeting the Star Beings

3 CDs – The Galactic Sun Meditation, Karmic Cleansing and the I AM Presence Meditation

+ The Pineal Detoxing Protocols and Free Worldwide Shipping of author signed print books

GBP 250 Order Here

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