Welcome to the website for Free Spirit – a Spiritual Teacher/Master and the author of four books – including Keys to Immortality, currently staying in a private retreat setting not far from the coastal resort of Mojacar in Southern Spain – an amazing place of high energy, turquoise warm seas and abundant sunshine.

I also spend time on the volcanic island of Tenerife.

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I am writing two more books at the present time – an inspirational autobiography (The Life Story of Free Spirit) and an advanced level philosophical masterpiece to follow on from Keys to Immortality.

These will be ready to order from myself in May / June 2015.

I have been committed to the path of spiritual wisdom and understanding for 21 years and as a result have the ability to teach people through my study materials how to transcend the reincarnation cycle and save many lifetimes of suffering. Those vibrationally aligned to my work have the potential to exit the Wheel of Karma and become a non-returner to 3D.

Brief Life Story

Previously in my life I have travelled extensively in the Himalayas and the Andes, meditated in Buddhist monasteries and retreat centres, worked for different environmental organizations planting trees as well as a period of time caring for the elderly in nursing homes before moving on to travel the world.

My spiritual awakening began at the age of 21 when I took a plane to India and began trekking in the Nepal Himalayas surrounded by Tibetan Buddhist culture. High up in the mountains I began to discover my spiritual nature and after one of these Himalayan excursions I returned to the West and changed my name to Free Spirit (2004).

Mount Everest Base Camp - Nepal Himalayas

In 2007, after travelling around the world as a Buddhist for many years on and off – Himalayas, South America (mountaineering), the USA and Europe – I left Buddhism because it was too austere and limiting in its understanding of higher-dimensional reality.

In 2008 after almost 20 years as a vegan, removing toxic amalgam fillings, healing the emotions and integrating the insights of a lifetime dedicated to the furthering of spiritual understanding I began to have powerful contact experiences with multi-dimensional Beings (Star Beings) from other planes of existence. I began to have many astral experiences (OOBE’s) where I would travel to different planets in different galaxies and experience communication with highly advanced, evolved and wise Beings. I came to realize the truth of the reality of Extra-Terrestrial Life and the implications for those within humanity able to open up to this powerful wisdom from the Stars. I also saw the possibility of human beings being able to ascend and live as Immortal Beings amongst the Stars. The Star Beings speak about the transcendence of suffering and karma. They appear in the lives of those ready to understand Star Being wisdom and their messages are the main content of my books.

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The fourth book 101 Secrets to Manifesting an Amazing and Abundant Life followed later – and this wisdom in this book helps to create strong, abundant and grounded conditions for spiritual practice in the physical plane.

In 2011 I travelled around the world again – visiting the US (including Hawai’i) and Australia.

Hawai'i 2012

I spoke often on You Tube during those travels. It was a time of powerful personal healing (including a near death experience on a volcano!), spiritual integration as well as the opportunity to meet many people worldwide.

In 2012 I began creating Merkabah Structures for the enhancement of lucid dreaming and astral travel.

Dreaming Merkabahs

Dreaming Merkabahs

These Merkabahs serve as a multi-dimensional technology to assist in dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel and meditation. They are inspired by my relationship with Multi-Dimensional Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences throughout the Universe. They embody the geometry inherent in the fabric of the Multi-Dimensional Universe and at the heart of stellar cores (the centre of stars) and these geometries work to accelerate Cosmic Consciousness in human beings. Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these structures can facilitate nocturnal OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel.

I spoke about the Merkabahs in this video last year:-


Video Description

Free Spirit talks about his experiences with the Merkabahs and Higher-Dimensional Realities. Using the Pineal Gland and the Merkabah Structures to explore consciousness and reality on a deeper level. How to travel through the centre of the sun and visit other star systems/galaxies/alien worlds beyond 3D. How to astral travel beyond the Earth. How to meet Star Beings.
Stellar Gateway Merkabah (depicted in video)


Build your own Merkabah with full video instructions and save 25% with the code LOOSE25 at checkout.

The Largest Merkabah - The Purple Starflake

The Largest Merkabah – The Purple Starflake


To see the current range of Dreaming Merkabahs visit:-



Spirituality and Abundance

I also understood how the spiritual stuff should be free is basically a big lie and thus I sell my teaching for what it is worth rather than what people think it should be worth from the perspective of a broken value system. I was once asked why I promote being abundant and write Law of Attraction books as a Spiritual Master?

Firstly I see abundance as a gift from Source to be used for positive and joyful endeavours – thus there is no conflict in my own consciousness between spiritual reality and abundance. Having experienced extreme poverty previously in my life – I saw how the renunciate path serves no-one – particularly in a Western culture that does not give monetary favours or concession of any kind to those on the spiritual path.

The second answer is the matter of time.

Spiritual Mastery takes much effort and time – thus you will need to work less. You may always do some kind of work but it will be work you enjoy doing and work done through choice. You will need all of the time you can muster up to perfect the spiritual process and death can come to call at any time (impermanence). Abundance can buy you more time which is the most valuable thing you can buy for your path. It also gives one power in that one has a certain degree of immunity to the degrading conditions that come with poverty.

Without abundance one cannot provide for oneself or anyone else and thus the idea that spiritual people should renounce money (whilst those in the mainstream can do what they like with it) is just plain nonsense.

People on the internet and in person used to give me a lot of abuse about it but in reality if my prices are a problem I am simply not the right teacher for you at this time.

In this case it can also be helpful to reflect on how much things like cancer, a divorce, family breakups, alcohol and/or tobacco abuse and similar things can cost you (invariably at least 10 times more than the cost of my material in monetary terms – along with the added suffering of emotional pain, protracted sickness, unresolved fear, unhappiness, loss of vital life energy and (in some cases) an unpleasant death.

"I can't afford a spiritual teacher right now...."

“I can’t afford a spiritual teacher right now!….”

However it is not my place to interfere in the free-will and life choices of another.

We all choose our own realities in alignment with our beliefs and priorities.

Without plenty of abundance, you will be bound to the wheel of time through doing hard and low paid work – this will weaken your energy field and destroy your body long before you are able to perfect a state of Spiritual Mastery. One will ideally also need a good 10-20 years of free time whilst young and healthy in a body to be able to complete the processes of reflection, integration, detoxification, meditation and philosophical self-inquiry.

It was during 2014 I wrote 101 Secrets to Manifesting an Amazing and Abundant Life.

book and CD


Back Cover Text 101 Secrets To An Amazing and Abundant Life is a Law of Attraction book written from the perspective of a Life Coach and Spiritual Master who has integrated the money/spirit duality prevalent within the collective consciousness of humanity.

This book is a definitive guide for those wishing to create their own reality in alignment with their own inner calling. Free Spirit shows the reader how to balance money abundance with everything else that is important in our lives so that we can live from a space of awareness, balance, truth, wisdom and integrity.

In this book he offers valuable insights and tools for creating abundance in your own life from a space of deeper awareness as well as how to stay empowered and connected on the journey of life. Each section is a reminder to become more aware so that you can overcome the outer obstacles that get in the way of the manifestation of your dreams.

If you are ready for a totally amazing, fulfilling and abundant life in alignment with your truth, this book will show you the way…

This book is most suited for spiritual people who want to master their financial reality as well as spiritual reality so that they can become grounded in the material plane and have the monetary resources to fund their spiritual paths.

For those on a spiritual path it can be refreshing to discover that austerity and renunciation are not necessary in order to evolve further. In reality such renunciation will retard your spiritual evolution for years or even decades. The Buddha taught the middle way.

In this book you will learn how to have an energizing, abundant and amazing life without compromising spiritual values. Order a copy here.


2015 Update:- I no longer peak on You Tube anymore after being called by Spirit into deeper silence and retreat. I have also made plenty of discourses to help people with their spiritual process. I do not enter into the light-worker karmic amphitheaters and practice the higher-dimensional law of non-intervention (ie I do not concern myself with what is not my karmic business to involve myself in and those who want to work with me must find me rather than the other way around).

I teach predominantly in written form only – through books and email – and do not speak to people online unless you are one of my VIP clients

Fees are GBP 5,000 / 50,000 per month / year for ongoing Skype mentoring and support.

For more information visit http://keystoimmortality.com/vip-coaching/

silence 1

I also have no interest in being popular or entertaining followers on social media.

Those who study my works will not need to ‘follow me’ as such and will find their own direct spiritual understanding within with the tools and insights presented in my books and discourses. The entirety of my life-work including my full set of books, discourses, video courses and audios are available here for those who wish to study my works. This complete package of my work will also include an inclusive One Month VIP Coaching Program.

The price bar is high to ensure that those who study my work have the accumulated energy to be able to integrate the understanding (life force energy and money are two aspects of the same underlying energetic reality).

Thus those who can afford my fees will have necessarily transcended the energy obstacles that impede the understanding and integration of Spiritual Reality into their lives.

Those who cannot afford my fees at this time would be better advised to work on their lives on Earth (self-worth issues, work choices, relationship with abundance, energy leakage issues, etc – covered in 101 Secrets to an Amazing Life) before concerning themselves with high-level spiritual understanding.

I do not make my discourses available without an inclusive coaching element because my discourse work can take people into challenging spaces – although students can take a standalone book package (meditations included).

Students will ideally need one year to study and integrate all of my material into their awareness and the inclusive One Month VIP Coaching Program can be scheduled for a month of your choosing.


In May 2015 I will be publishing another book - an inspirational autobiography (The Life Story of Free Spirit) sharing many of my life experiences and will then go on to write an advanced level philosophical work to follow on from Keys to Immortality.

My life story will share how I incarnated here from another world and how I overcame the challenges of being incarnated into this karmic sphere of learning known as Earth. It will be a deep and candid sharing – a sharing of the successes and triumphs in the face of extreme adversities as well as a sharing of my travels around the world, my experiences with Star Beings from other dimensions of existence and ultimately what the purpose of all those experiences are.

It also shares the emotional transformative journey that included a love-affair with a black magician followed by the throwing of a ring into a volcano (Lord of the Rings style), surviving destitution in the US as an illegal alien travelling for days at a time in Greyhound buses, how I developed a successful business selling what 99.9% of the planet would never want to pay for, how I survived multiple near-death experiences, how I overcame the pain and the associated karmic healing of the early death of my mother to cancer, an upbringing in a strict Christian environment along with the sharings of many other life changing and transformative relationships, overcoming serious abuses from companies and light-workers and how I ultimately developed a stronger connection with Star Beings and Source in the face of such an extreme karmic purification.

It is also a story about love, healing and the power of forgiveness – albeit not in the conventional light-worker understanding of these terms.

Finally I will be sharing what reality looks like when one’s karmic pile becomes very small.

Book 5 - Available May 2015

Book 5 – Available May 2015

An abridged (shortened) E-Book version of my inspirational and candid* life-story will be made available free of charge as a gift to humanity for anyone that wants to download it in May 2015.

Sign up to my email newsletter to be kept informed.

Author signed copies of my complete autobiography containing additional deep, powerful and transformative spiritual teaching will be available at the premium rate of GBP 500 / US $800. I do not sell my works on Amazon.

The pre-order rate is GBP 250 / US $400 and is valid until April 15th 2015.

One can pre-order a copy here by Paypal.

Orders are shipped out on May 1st 2015.

*My transformative life story – a sharing of the quest for freedom on all levels – contains candid descriptions of challenging experiences (unethical abuses) at the hands of certain individuals, companies and religious organizations (some of which are world-famous), shared truthfully in the nature of public interest. Those who feel they may be portrayed adversely by this work and wish to apologize for their actions are invited to contact me. Consultation rates will apply.

Although I would never take bribes of any kind to withhold the truth or to omit something that is in the public interest for me to share – in these instances I am open to stating in my work that a formal apology was made.


I am also continuing to ship Merkabahs worldwide after a recent spike in demand and now also make green structures.

Green Hyperstar Merkabah Mach II

Beautifully created Merkabah Structures specifically made for dreaming, Pineal Gland work, astral travel and higher dimensional journeying. These designs – inspired by contact with higher-dimensional intelligence and the geometry of the Universe – amplify dreaming processes – enabling lucid dreaming, astral travel and a deepening of one’s meditation experience.

Free Worldwide Shipping on all orders. Shipped assembled.

Alternatively build your own and get 25% off your order.

Use coupon code LOOSE25 in the webstore.

Video instructions and all loose components (plus spares) included.

For more information about the Merkabah structures and how they work visit the Merkabah Page.

Unconditional Love / Inception Merkabahs

Unconditional Love / Inception Merkabahs

For those interested in the Merkabah structures/new books I send an email every two weeks with details of the latest new designs and other news related to the Merkabahs.

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Kind Regards Free Spirit