I am Free Spirit – an Author and Spiritual Teacher – aged 39 and living in the tropics with my wife. I am now primarily a raw food liquidarian (liquid foods only) – moving toward living on prana alone.

Myself on the summit of Mt Teide  January 2014

Myself on the summit of Mt Teide January 2014

Most of my time is now spent in nature, contemplating spiritual truths and teaching people in VIP Programs ready to understand and work with my teachings on a deep level. I climb mountains, hike, swim and snorkel in my spare time so as to stay in the high vibration of unspoilt natural beauty.

I have written three books about the nature of ET intelligence, the Ascension Process, the future of humanity and the possibility of becoming an Immortal through healing our relationship with karma.

In 2008 after almost 20 years as a vegan, removing toxic amalgam fillings, healing the emotions and integrating the insights of a lifetime dedicated to the furthering of spiritual understanding I began to have powerful contact experiences with loving angelic multi-dimensional Beings (Star Beings) from other planes of existence. I began to have many astral experiences (OOBE’s) where I would travel to different planets in different galaxies and experience communication with highly advanced, evolved, wise and loving Beings of Light. I came to realize the truth of the reality of Extra-Terrestrial Life and the implications for those within humanity able to open up to this powerful wisdom from the Stars. I also saw the possibility of human beings being able to ascend and live as Immortal Beings amongst the Stars. The Star Beings speak about the transcendence of suffering and karma. They appear in the lives of those ready to understand Universal Wisdom and who are ready to receive the depth of their love.

The Star Beings

The Star Beings

For those who are ready to open up to these Beings – there is the possibility of a profound enlightenment, an understanding of the Universe, a deeper self-understanding and the manifestation of powerful healing in all areas of one’s life. One can learn how to receive love, heal their relationships with self and others, embody forgiveness, heal all kinds of bodily sicknesses, understand reality itself and free themselves from the causes of ALL suffering.

This relationship with the Star Beings has continued to this day and my books are a detailed sharing of the messages given to me by these Intergalactic Star Beings, my profound experiences with them and how I have grown spiritually through contact with them.

Three Books - Messages of Enlightenment and Ascension from Star Beings

Three Books – Messages of Enlightenment and Ascension from Star Beings – Order here..

2012 Meeting the Star Beings was written in 2010, Love on the Shores of a Distant World in 2011 and Keys to Immortality (the most advanced work) in late 2012.

Previously in my life I have travelled extensively in the Himalayas and the Andes, meditated in Buddhist monasteries and retreat centres, worked for different environmental organizations planting trees as well as a period of time caring for the elderly in nursing homes.

My spiritual awakening began at the age of 21 when I took a plane to India and began trekking in the Nepal Himalayas surrounded by Tibetan Buddhist culture. High up in the mountains I began to discover my spiritual nature and after one of these Himalayan excursions I returned to the West and changed my name to Free Spirit (2004).

The Himalayas

The Himalayas

I studied Buddhism for many years before moving into raw foods as a way of healing the body, opening the Pineal Gland and developing deeper spiritual understanding. After studying environmental science I learned about the toxins in the environment and in the Western lifestyle that impede spiritual awakening such as mercury, fluoride, pharmaceuticals and pesticides. I spent years cleansing and purifying the body, heart and mind in order to create a high-level conscious connection to the Upper Astral and beyond. The result of that work is a profound and deep spiritual understanding about reality, the Universe, reincarnation, life after death, ET intelligence and the true understandings about the purpose of Life itself.

In 2011 I travelled around the world visiting the US (including Hawai’i) and Australia. I spoke often on You Tube during those travels. It was a time of powerful personal healing, spiritual integration as well as the opportunity to meet many people worldwide.

In recent times I have began creating Merkabah structures inspired by contact with the Star Beings that can help people access higher-dimensional consciousness and open their Pineal Glands. In my Video Courses I teach about how to use dreams as a gateway for understanding reality, the Universe and to access Source Consciousness itself. I also teach people how to cultivate OOBE’s and lucidity in dreams so they can begin to access the realms of the Star Beings in the dream-time.

The Hyperstar Dreaming Merkabah

The Hyperstar Dreaming Merkabah

I regularly create new meditation audios – to view the latest titles visit Meditation Downloads

As a spiritual teacher I have integrated spirituality and abundance so as to adopt a grounded approach to spiritual matters and to transcend the either/or duality (spirituality or abundance!) that leads many spiritual people to suffer unnecessarily because of a lack of abundance.

I have also learnt to respect my relationship with Source and charge the true worth for my teachings (as opposed to what people believe they may be worth or what they want to pay after having spent their money on alcohol, tobacco and other worldly pleasures) produced as a result of 25 years of continuous spiritual effort as well as through countless previous incarnations and thus there are no apologies for being perhaps the most expensive spiritual mentor on Earth at this time.

Having said that I have created a spread of product and service that caters for different budgets.

My teachings and books are advanced level material – as opposed to watered down popular spirituality – and are suited for those who have committed their whole life to spiritual understanding and Ascension. These individuals will have mastered everything else in their life so that the money I ask for is a non-issue. Those seeking cheap or free advice will not benefit from my life work and thus it is available solely to those who respect its true value (in spiritual and monetary terms) and who will treasure the teaching for life.

For those wanting to learn from me – there is a progressive pathway that people can follow if they so choose.

Stage 1 – Ordering my books is a pre-requisite to working with me on any level and provides a foundation understanding to the content of my training. It also helps potential students to understand the experiences of my life and my view of the Universe, spiritual reality and the Ascension Process. It also helps you to see if my material resonates with you or not.

The books include meditation CD’s and author signing. Total 800+ pages

My Books

My Books Print Copies or E-Books

There are also Audios and a Pathways to Abundance Video Course for newcomers to my work.

Stage 2 (optional) – Working with a Merkabah can help people to explore other dimensions in meditation as well as enhancing their ability to recall dreams and astral journeying. People are encouraged to build their own (video tutorials provided)



Stage 3 – For those with a deeper interest after reading the books – one can consider engaging with the Ascension Discourses or taking some Skype Calls with me. There is a wealth of private You Tube materials available to those who want to go deeper with my teaching at Stage 3.

Access to 85 Private You Tube Discourses

Access to 85 Private You Tube Discourses

Stage 4VIP Training is for those who want to benefit from personal facilitation in retreat settings with myself. Ideally you have been familiar with my work for some time. I also travel with VIP’s to the Peruvian Amazon. VIP’s invest 5/6 figure sums in mentoring and in return receive the full benefit of my expertise as a spiritual mentor. At this stage you will have applied teachings from previous stages (or from elsewhere) and have reached a place of freedom from full time work and financial independence to make this possible for you.

In March 2014 I opted to retire from public speaking on You Tube, social media and Group Coaching to focus on working with a small number of VIP’s and on my own spiritual journey.

I do not do radio shows, TV interviews or public speaking of any kind. I also do not do Facebook.

My energy is solely focused on those who are seriously committed to their spiritual progress.

VIP Programs are available during 2014/2015 for two people only. and include in person spiritual training, 12 day retreats in the Peruvian Amazon, access to me on Skype and more..

The Amazon Rainforest

The Amazon Rainforest

FFI visit:- http://keystoimmortality.com/vipprograms/