I am Free Spirit – a Spiritual Master and the author of four books – including Keys to Immortality.

My works – in book and discourse form – enable people to embody Spiritual and Law of Attraction wisdom in their lives – so that they can be happy and healthy, free from suffering, abundant, in command of their lives and living in alignment with their soul purpose – all whilst doing their spiritual work.

Spiritual Master Free Spirit

I have been committed to the path of spiritual wisdom and understanding for 20 years and as a result have the ability to teach people how to transcend the reincarnation cycle and save many lifetimes of unnecessary suffering.

All this is passed on to my readers and clients worldwide so they too can benefit from the wisdom that I have received.

Today I am predominantly in silence 24/7 – speaking only when absolutely necessary and when appropriate. Thus I do not speak on You Tube, radio shows, conferences or share in any Facebook Groups or other online communities. I also have no interest in attracting large numbers of followers on social media pages. Nor am I associated with any religious or spiritual order/movement/organization of any kind.

Those wanting to speak/work with me are required to firstly study my discourses and written works - and will then be invited to attend a retreat or training program with myself in due course.

Brief Life Story

Previously in my life I have travelled extensively in the Himalayas and the Andes, meditated in Buddhist monasteries and retreat centres, worked for different environmental organizations planting trees as well as a period of time caring for the elderly in nursing homes before moving on to travel the world.

My spiritual awakening began at the age of 21 when I took a plane to India and began trekking in the Nepal Himalayas surrounded by Tibetan Buddhist culture. High up in the mountains I began to discover my spiritual nature and after one of these Himalayan excursions I returned to the West and changed my name to Free Spirit (2004).

Mount Everest Base Camp - Nepal Himalayas

In 2007, after travelling around the world as a Buddhist for many years on and off – Himalayas, South America (mountaineering), the USA and Europe – I left Buddhism because it was too austere and limiting in its understanding of higher-dimensional reality.

In 2008 after almost 20 years as a vegan, removing toxic amalgam fillings, healing the emotions and integrating the insights of a lifetime dedicated to the furthering of spiritual understanding I began to have powerful contact experiences with multi-dimensional Beings (Star Beings) from other planes of existence. I began to have many astral experiences (OOBE’s) where I would travel to different planets in different galaxies and experience communication with highly advanced, evolved and wise Beings. I came to realize the truth of the reality of Extra-Terrestrial Life and the implications for those within humanity able to open up to this powerful wisdom from the Stars. I also saw the possibility of human beings being able to ascend and live as Immortal Beings amongst the Stars. The Star Beings speak about the transcendence of suffering and karma. They appear in the lives of those ready to understand Star Being wisdom and their messages are the main content of my books.

In 2011 I travelled around the world again – visiting the US (including Hawai’i) and Australia.

Hawai'i 2012

I spoke often on You Tube during those travels. It was a time of powerful personal healing (including a near death experience on a volcano!), spiritual integration as well as the opportunity to meet many people worldwide.

In 2012 I found a new passion in creating Merkabah Structures for the enhancement lucid dreaming and astral travel.

The Starflake Merkabah

The Starflake Merkabah

These Merkabahs serve as a multi-dimensional technology to assist in dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel and meditation. They are inspired by my relationship with Multi-Dimensional Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences throughout the Universe. They embody the geometry inherent in the fabric of the Multi-Dimensional Universe and at the heart of stellar cores (the centre of stars) and these geometries work to accelerate Cosmic Consciousness in human beings. Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these structures can facilitate nocturnal OBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel.

In 2014 I retired from public speaking on You Tube to work with clients 1-2-1 and to write my fifth book.

I also understood how the spiritual stuff should be free is basically a big lie and in reality – spiritual teaching is the most valuable thing of all. Thus I sell my teaching for what it is worth rather than what people think it should be worth from the perspective of a broken value system. I do not teach anyone that does not respect it’s value.

I was once asked why I promote being abundant and write Law of Attraction books as a Spiritual Master. The answer is the matter of time.

Spiritual Mastery takes much effort and time – thus you will need to work less. You will need all of the time you can muster up to perfect the spiritual process and death can come to call at any moment. Abundance can buy you more time which is the most valuable thing you can buy for your path.

Without plenty of abundance, you will be bound to the wheel of time through doing hard and low paid work – this will weaken your energy and destroy your body long before you are able to perfect a state of Spiritual Mastery.

It was during 2014 I wrote 101 Secrets to Manifesting an Amazing and Abundant Life.

book and CD

Today I am predominantly in silence 24/7 – speaking only when absolutely necessary and when appropriate. Thus I do not speak on You Tube, radio shows, conferences or share in any Facebook Groups or other online communities. Those wanting to speak with me are asked to firstly study my discourse and written materials – and then to attend a retreat with myself in due course if desired.

Courses and Training Programs are available during 2015 for committed clientele wanting to experience deep and transformative Spiritual Training / Law of Attraction Coaching and able to invest a minimum of GBP 10,000 (US $15,500). These include retreats, ongoing life/spiritual coaching, Skype time with me, ongoing engagement and extensive 1-2-1 training in person with me in Europe. I also offer Skype packages for those wishing to have purely online coaching and not wanting to travel to attend retreats.

For more information visit    Coaching Programs / Skype Consultations.

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The Star Being Messages

Between 2008-2011 and from 2013 onwards I astral travelled to other planets in other galaxies almost every night and had the most amazing spiritual experiences.

Astral Travel to other Star Systems

Astral Travel to other Star Systems

In one experience….

“..The disk than began to spin much faster and appeared to bi-locate. At an incredible speed it propelled itself toward a globular cluster of stars and before I knew it I was on the surface of a strange but beautiful world.

Vast cities had been constructed out of a crystalline material and the entire planet sounded like a Tibetan singing bowl that had been struck. Many of the structures towered high above the surface of this world and had spherical protuberances. Within these spheres, many of the tall and slender Beings could be seen looking outward.

Crafts emerged from spinning port-holes, extremely advanced in appearance – and rippled as they moved as if the entire craft was made of a liquid jellified substance. They would shape-shift into a needle like form and then disappear in an instant, leaving a faint golden trail behind them.

The entire vibration of this place had a strong crystalline aspect to it. There was a powerful feeling that it was a storehouse of knowledge and those within these cities had unlimited powers. Within the towers there appeared to be vast elevators moving at incredible speeds transmitting energy between different spheres. The spheres themselves behaved like plasma balls and pulsed out streams of multi-dimensional lightening that occasionally struck the surface of the planet – resulting in a surface rippling that would create luminous bubbles, which would then float up into space.

Vast streams of plasma surged down from space itself and charged the entire structure. Gazing into the plasma resulted in one being enveloped into a powerful wave of energy carrying one deep into the core of the planet itself where one had the sensation of being inside a huge latticed crystal. The energies of this crystalline core were harnessed to create temporal and dimensional portals to other places within the galaxy. There was a huge spinning device, consisting of spheres within spheres – that would emit plasma bursts into the entire structure of the crystal itself. With each burst came a deeper knowledge of this advanced world. This Core Portal harnessed the energies of the entire galaxy and it was from this energy this civilization lived.

The spheres slowed down and a walkway appeared. Several of the Beings emerged and I was motioned to step in. The interior surface of the sphere looked like the inside of a flawless crystal sphere. The reflection from the intensely smooth surface peeled away a denser layer of the Galactic Light Body, which was then temporarily held in some strange stasis chamber.

The Beings surrounded me in a deep love and told me to prepare to enter the star-gate. A dazzling splash of light then spilled forth from the surrounding sphere and there was a crystalline humming. Many different stars appeared as the internal sphere began to spin at high speed. I heard strange languages and felt the vibration of numerous collectives of advanced alien races. In less than a millisecond of Earth time I was able to see all of these worlds flash before my eyes. Then I found myself hurtling toward one particular star and the star itself opened up to reveal a deep and vast wormhole.

The sphere then plunged deep into the heart of this star and the surfaces of this wormhole revealed a new dimensional aspect. There were civilizations existing within the fires of the star itself and strong powerful Beings of Source showed themselves. They were made out of the fires of the Stars themselves, whilst giving the impression of being very loving. The surfaces of the wormholes rippled in a peristaltic fashion and in a flash of light found myself in a vast ocean of stars, nebulas and planetary systems.

Plasma storms raged across this dimension, accelerating the craft to an insane velocity. The sphere reached a certain threshold where the spatial boundaries collapsed and I was inside the heart of multiple stars at once. The portals of each star within the Galaxy had opened and this craft was free to re-emerge in any system at will.

Everything seemed to slow down with a sensation of time itself dilating and in an eerie experience of slow motion I saw a strange bluish light that enveloped me deeply with another welcoming energy of love, before taking on the form of a long tunnel. I was inside the heart of a blue star, rising to the surface as the familiar backdrop of space appeared once again. Vast blue flares erupted into space as the craft emerged out of the corona of this blue sun. It was a vast star, for it was almost impossible to perceive the stellar curvature.

I looked to the star again and witnessed vast flares of incomprehensible sizes blasting forth, serenely and quietly, from the surface of this vast star. The Beings said that this was the Central Galactic Sun – the heart of the Milky Way. The star is invisible to Earth science for it hides within the ‘apparent’ black hole that astronomers detect on Earth within the Galactic Centre in Sagittarius. The surface itself appeared to ripple and occasionally vast coronal tsunamis would reform the surface appearance of the star. Deep vortices appeared, spilling forth new material from the depths within into the seas of plasma. The Blue Beings opened their minds again, in deep telepathy – to encourage a deeper remembering. I remembered them many times – how loved and accepted I had been by these Beings – and how over millions of incarnations we had shared lifetimes on worlds. I experienced the deepest possible experience of love as I awoke again to my Intergalactic Self….”

And so I found myself speaking to highly evolved Beings on other worlds who had plenty of wisdom to share. As a result my life was totally transformed and I received the most amazing healings.  I then became a spiritual teacher and then a Spiritual Master in 2014.

It took 3 years to fully absorb the messages – and those messages are the main content of my first three spiritual works. My teachings are advanced level material - as opposed to watered down popular spirituality – and are suited for those who have committed their whole life to spiritual understanding.

How can the Star Being Messages benefit you?


-You can discover how to free yourself of all unwelcome pain and suffering in your life.

-You can avoid experiencing karmic disasters – accidents, misfortunes, unpleasant break-ups and other things that can put a big downer on your life experience.

-You can become amazingly healthy and avoid contracting nasty diseases like cancer, heart disease and degenerative brain disorders by learning how to keep your body clear of toxins.

-You can live longer and avoid unpleasant death scenarios. You will discover that death is not quite what it seems and you may even have a chance at becoming Immortal..

-You can experience more love and fulfillment in your life. You can learn to love yourself more so that you attract suitable relationships into your life. Goodbye to relationship suffering, heartaches, break-ups and other dissatisfactions in matters of the heart.

-Astral Travelling (OOBE’s). If lucid dreaming and astral travel is your thing – then the Star Beings can be of assistance. Not just leaving Kansas City – but Earth. Imagine being able to travel to any planet or galaxy of your choosing.

Interstellar Astral Travel

Interstellar Astral Travel


It happened to me and often – once I travelled 2.4 billion light years across the Universe and discovered the meaning of Life, The Universe and everything..

-Better life experiences. Star Being Wisdom usually calls for people to leave boring and meaningless jobs – AKA Stuck in the Matrix.

Thus you may find yourself doing something far more meaningful further down the line – such as working for yourself, being a healer or teacher – or doing another job that you love doing nut never thought possible. Two of my clients made it to Hawai’i.

-You can become more abundant. Yes – the Star Beings want people to become more abundant in their lives so they can create more positive change in the world. Any Star Being or spiritual philosophy that tells you that you need to be poor or stay in a state of suffering  is not worthy of your serious consideration.

-You can survive a global collapse. Most people will know that the future of 3D humanity is on the line. Biosphere collapse, climate change, massive sea level rises and societal failure are all major dangers to wellbeing and the future of humanity.

Higher-dimensional travel - a possible alternative to post-industrial collapse..

The Star Being Messages explain why collapses occur on Earth and elsewhere and how you can choose not to participate in one. You will also discover why the governments can do nothing for your physical, emotional or spiritual well-being longer term and why dependence upon the 3D system is unwise.

Readers can order a full Package which includes a set of 4 author signed books, 12 CD’s, 20 Audios and access to 85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses.

Keys to Immortality is an ADVANCED ASCENSION MANUAL for those aware that leaving the 3rd dimension is mandatory to avoid a karmic crisis.

Keys to Immortality by Free Spirit

In Keys to Immortality you will discover:-

-The Truth about Alien Life and Higher Dimensional Beings. How to make contact with them.

-How I travelled 2.4 billion light years across the Universe through a dimensional wormhole to another galaxy and what happened there.

-Why death is not compulsory. What really causes death and what to do about it.

-How and why death is a ‘switch in our DNA’ put their by Higher Dimensional Beings.

-How to avoid diseases of decay and death (cancer, organ disease, etc) and attain perfect health.

-How to survive a collapse scenario on Earth (should one occur).

-How to deal with the issue of being incarnated on a planet as part of a species in danger of biosphere collapse and mass mortality. How to find a different alternative.

-The link between dreaming and the astral worlds. How to have amazing dreams.

-How to live from Source and have an amazing life.

-Why trying to save the world (or others) is bad for you.

-The Truth about Karma and Suffering. How to become Universally Enlightened.

-Ascension explained. Not the fairy tale light-worker version (just one more push and we are there..) but real physical Ascension.

and much more…

Keys to Immortality is a seminal work on the nature of higher dimensional reality, Spiritual Truth, the dynamics of the Ascension Process and the possibility of transcending the human condition.

Readers can order a full Book, Audio, CD and Discourse Package which includes a set of 4 author signed books, 11 CD’s, 20 Audios and access to 85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses. I no longer sell books without the supporting meditation and discourse material.

The ultimate aim of these teaching materials is to show a pathway to exiting the karmic reincarnation cycle and transcending all causes of suffering on all levels. The extreme value of these teachings are reflected in the cost.

Book, Discourse and Audio Package

Book, Discourse and Audio Package

These books include author signing, 12 meditation CDs, 20 Audio Meditation MP3s, a copy of 101 Secrets to an Amazing and Abundant Life as well as lifetime access to 85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses to expand your understanding of the books.

85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses included with all orders

85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses included with all orders


What your Package will contain:-

4 Author Signed Books containing high-level understanding not available anywhere else including my latest Law of Attraction Title 101 Secrets to Manifesting an Amazing Life

book and CD

Plus 2 Complete Law of Attraction Video Courses to compliment the book.

The Foundation for Abundance and Manifesting an Amazing Life (40 Videos). The purpose of the Courses is to enable you to create strong and grounded conditions for spiritual practice.

12 Meditation CDs

20 Audio MP3 Meditations

20 MP3 titles by Free Spirit created for creating positive change in your life. Pave the way for exciting, expansive and positive change in your life. Powerful meditations for inner spiritual transformation and understanding.

Abundance, Manifesting Love, Empowerment, Confidence Building, Healing Fear, Self Inquiry Meditation, Source Grounding Meditations, Galactic Sun Guided Meditation, Karmic Clearing, Inner Child Healing and the meditations for recognizing the I AM Presence.

Plus access to 85 Spiritual Mastery Video Discourses

These Discourses are aimed at those with a serious intent to complete a full physical Ascension of the body in this lifetime.

The content of the last 34 Discourses channelled from Source has the potential to accelerate your spiritual understanding by decades or even several lifetimes.

The preceding 52 discourses create the groundwork for deeper understanding. Topics covered include Advanced level dreaming, understanding Source and the Atman, dietary purification, the Pineal Gland, understanding reality, the illusion of matter, karmic clearing, enhancing ones life force and managing ones energy in order to have sufficient energy to access higher dimensional realities.

85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses included with all orders

85 Spiritual Mastery Discourses included with all orders


-Plus MP3 Podcast Versions of all 85 Discourses


-A back up flash drive of all materials.


Worldwide Shipping by Airmail of all Materials.

Plus three inclusive Skype Calls (3 x 90minutes) to discuss your journey or any aspect of the study materials.

Cost GBP 2,500 (approx US$4,000)
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Courses and Training Programs are available during 2015 for committed clientele wanting to experience deep and transformative Spiritual Training / Law of Attraction Coaching. These include retreats and extensive 1-2-1 training in person in Europe.For more information visit    Coaching Programs / Skype Consultations.

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