I am Free Spirit – a Spiritual Master as well as a Life Mastery Coach and the author of three books – including Keys to Immortality.

My works – in book, course and discourse form – enable people to embody spiritual and Law of Attraction wisdom in their lives – so that they can be happy and healthy, free from suffering, abundant, in command of their lives and living in alignment with their soul purpose.

I live in Southern Europe with my wife Alexandra and am 39 years of age. I am also a Life Mastery Coach and a VIP Spiritual Mentor for those who want high quality coaching and interaction with me – for those who know that only the best will do.

I have been committed to the path of spiritual wisdom and understanding for 20 years and as a result have had a totally amazing life on all levels as well as having many enlightening spiritual experiences.

All this is passed on to my readers and clients worldwide so they too can benefit from the healing and the wisdom that I have received.

I write an Email Newsletter every two weeks containing blog updates and an inspirational article relevant to the theme of living an amazing and abundant life.

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Anyone that has deep spiritual experiences will soon realize they have the power to change their lives and create what they want by using the Law of Attraction.

This was what led me from being an austere Buddhist to becoming a Law of Attraction / Life Mastery Coach.  My life is still a meditation – yet the meditation shows itself in different forms and expressions. Meditating in monasteries is a powerful practice – but there comes a day when the wisdom from the meditation has to find a place in the world.

Once you know how to use the Law of Attraction you can create the life that you want - on your own terms. You may find you get to leave your job, manifest more money or happier relationships, experience better health, travel the world and experience the best that life has to offer.

I inspire my readers, subscribers and clients to create amazing lives for themselves that are fulfilling, free from suffering, abundant, happy, healthy and in alignment with people’s soul purpose. 


I also challenge prevailing dogmatic paradigms around spirituality and abundance whilst respecting the Law of Free Will (people are free to make their own choices).

I inspire my readers and clients to embrace all forms of abundance so that they can manifest more expansion in their lives as well as having a greater impact in the world.

Coming soon – August / September 2014

The 12 Keys to Life Mastery Online Course.
A Self Study Course to follow on from the Pathways to Abundance Course.

-A new series of Law of Attraction Videos designed to inspire and uplift.

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