Welcome to the website for Free Spirit – a Spiritual Teacher/Master and the author of five books – including Keys to Immortality.

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I have been committed to the path of spiritual wisdom and understanding for 21 years and as a result have the ability to teach people through my study materials how to transcend the reincarnation cycle and save many lifetimes of suffering.

Those vibrationally aligned to my work have the potential to exit the Wheel of Karma and become a non-returner to 3D.

I teach through books and discourses – and for advanced level students through Skype Coaching and Retreats. I also send a private email newsletter every two weeks to my readers and clients worldwide containing additional unlisted You Tube videos covering a wide range of topics relevant to high level spiritual understanding.

Those who order my book packages or Merkabah structures are automatically included.

My advanced level material is exclusively orientated toward serious students only – for the truth of the matter is that my work or my mentor-ship is not suited for at least 95% of spiritual seekers as it is far too strong, direct and truthful.

It is advanced level material refined over a period of 20 years of spiritual practice. Thus I would never give it away free and/or to those not ready or suited for this level of understanding or truth. There is some very basic and introductory free stuff on my You Tube but the serious level knowledge and expertise (that will take decades off your journey through 3D or will show you how to live outside of the Matrix) or the opportunity to discuss/ask questions as well as engaging and talking about your processes with me is exclusively reserved for those who value and respect this teaching/understanding as well as my time and thus are prepared to pay for it.

I have spent enough time in my life in the light-worker spheres  to know that the main bulk of the New Age movement is a massive deception – where popularity takes precedence over truth – and where integrity is scarce. So I am not interested in having the biggest page or the largest following – for in the greater scheme of things it is meaningless if the truth and integrity is not there. Nor am I interested in ‘sugar coating’ the truth or telling you what your ego wants to hear – rather I am a vessel of straight and undiluted truth!

I am also one of the most expensive spiritual authors on Earth in terms of book prices. I have witnessed enough stories around people not wanting to pay for spiritual teaching to realize that in reality – it should actually be very expensive. I also respect Source and Higher Wisdom enough not to degrade or desecrate it by making it available on the cheap.

Thus I do not list my books on Amazon and the books are priced closer to their true worth rather than standard book market rates.

So my works at this time are most suited for those who have managed their energy fields and their lives well enough (Life Mastery) in order to have accumulated sufficient abundance and thus are able to afford my expertise.

Those who want to work with my teachings are firstly invited to study my five books whilst working with the inclusive meditation audio material.

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Those who want to go deeper with my material are then invited to study the discourses.

For financially grounded clientele able to afford my expertise – along with regular Skype calls – we can discuss the discourses and your spiritual process in depth in a long term ongoing mentoring relationship.

To work with me for a year – you would be able and willing to invest a minimum of GBP 50,000 in the process and have a high degree of respect for the spiritual work – so this is most suited for those committed 110% to spiritual evolution and understanding.

A lot of our work will also focus on Life Mastery – creating strong and grounded conditions for the development of high level spiritual wisdom.

For more information visit http://keystoimmortality.com/vip-coaching/

I am also a high altitude mountaineer having climbed to 6,400m (21,700ft)  on the flanks of Aconcagua in 2004. I have also climbed (non technically) extensively in the Nepal Himalayas – spending many weeks above 5,500m (17,700+ ft) on three separate occasions.
Baruntse  7,100m

Baruntse 7,100m

2015 and 2016 will bring further mountaineering expeditions – to Baruntse at 7,100+ m and Cho Oyu at 8,201m (the sixth highest mountain on Earth) in the Nepal Himalayas.
Cho Oyu 8,201m

Cho Oyu 8,201m

2016 would also include an attempt on Mount Everest itself – via the North Col route and the Three Steps. Any enterprise or sponsors wishing to fund my expeditions are welcome to contact me. Sponsors would be mentioned in books and websites to be created later in the year and into 2016.

I would also be climbing all three mountains as a liquidarian (no solid food).

Alternatively – I am offering a lifetime spiritual mentoring arrangement to anyone wanting to work with me long term and who can fund all three proposed expeditions (US $150,000).  If you have a business congruent with mountaineering, the outdoors or spiritual growth – then I can also promote and give positive exposure to your venture during my mountaineering career.

Interested sponsors/clients can contact me here.


I also create Merkabahs which serve as a multi-dimensional technology to assist in dream recall, lucid dreaming, astral travel and meditation.

Dreaming Merkabahs

Dreaming Merkabahs

They embody the geometry inherent in the fabric of the Multi-Dimensional Universe and at the heart of stellar cores (the centre of stars) and these geometries work to accelerate Cosmic Consciousness in human beings.


Advanced dreamers and meditators will find these structures can facilitate nocturnal OOBE’s (Out of Body Experiences) that can include journeying to other worlds and planes beyond the Earth – for those vibrationally aligned to this kind of inter-dimensional travel.

There are various designs available in the webstore.


Spirituality and Abundance

I also understand how the story about spiritual stuff should be free is basically a big lie as well as being the ultimate act of disrespect to spiritual teachers – thus I sell my books and coaching services for what they are worth rather than what people think it should be worth from the perspective of a broken value system that promotes death-affirming activities.

I also promote self-responsibility – namely we are all responsible for the state of our own lives including that of our finances. Thus those who want to study with me are responsible for funding their own process and those who want the teaching but do not want to pay for it are simply not entertained.

I was once asked why I promote being abundant as a Spiritual Master?

The answer is the matter of time.

Spiritual Mastery takes much effort and time – thus you will need to work less. You may always do some kind of work but it will be work you enjoy doing and work done through choice. You will need all of the time you can muster up to perfect the spiritual process and death can come to call at any time (impermanence). Abundance can buy you more time which is the most valuable thing you can buy for your path. It also gives one power in that one has a certain degree of immunity to the degrading conditions that come with poverty.

Without plenty of abundance, you will be bound to the wheel of time through doing hard and low paid work – this will weaken your energy field and destroy your body long before you are able to perfect a state of Spiritual Mastery. One will ideally also need a good 10-20 years of free time whilst young and healthy in a body to be able to complete the processes of reflection, integration, detoxification, meditation and philosophical self-inquiry.


Meditation and Manifestation MP3s by Free Spirit

Experience peace, tranquility and healing in these guided meditations


Powerful meditations for inner spiritual transformation, manifestation and creating an amazing life – including:-

Manifesting Love, Empowerment, Self Inquiry Meditation, Source Grounding Meditations, Galactic Sun Guided Meditation, Karmic Clearing, Inner Child Healing, Letting Go Meditation and the meditations for recognizing the Immortal I AM Presence. 

The Ascension Meditations are designed to facilitate an awakening to your Source (Spiritual) Nature and Higher Astral Awareness (Higher Dimensional Reality). The emotional healing meditations will allow you to open your heart to love, positive emotion, healing and a deeper peace within.

The Law of Attraction Titles include Abundance, Money Manifesting, Universal Manifestation and Confidence Building for manifesting success and enhancing your Power Base.

Plus – there are also new meditations for Now Moment Re-Alignment, Self Forgiveness, Cord Cutting (releasing situations and connections that no longer serve) and Universal Manifestation.

These 20 Titles are a comprehensive set of meditations to enable you to empower your life, deepen your connection to Source and to enhance your ability to manifest the life that you want.

To order the whole set (free with book orders) – visit the Meditation Bundle Page